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Michigan has abundant and diverse wildlife resources which provide recreation and enjoyment for thousand of people each year. Unfortunately, humans and wildlife frequently come into conflict. While all wild animals possess positive and beneficial aspects, some individuals and some populations need to be managed at one time or another.


Wildlife damage management is one of the many scientific techniques and social tools of resource management. Wildlife damage management is the professional practice of manipulation individuals, populations, and habitat to reduce or eliminate serious damage to human health, property, or agricultural and natural resources.




The Michigan Animal Damage Control Association (MADCA) is an organization of wildlife control operators (WCOs) and other interested individuals involved in the field of wildlife damage management.


MADCA was formed in 1995 by a group of private WCOs concerned about the willful misrepresentation, professional acceptance, and lack of public understanding of wildlife damage management industry in the State of Michigan.




MADCA is a professional trade organization that depends on a strong membership base. A Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor/Public Relations are elected for two year terms to serve the membership through efforts to reform regulations and offer various educational and business opportunities. Any MADCA member who operates a legitimate business in the State of Michigan is eligible to vote, run for office or serve on a committee.


MADCA News, the official MADCA newsletter, is issued quarterly and provides members with current information about activities and developments in the wildlife damage management field, MADCA holds quarterly board meetings and an annual general membership meeting both of which all members are welcome to attend.


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